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Seiko 5 automatic 7S26C 7S36C watch repair and complete service

Seiko 5 automatic 7S26C 7S36C watch repair and complete service

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Seiko automatic 7S26C 7S36C complete service


1)Identify the issue with the watch
2)Striping a watch apart 
3)Jewels tiny screw will be removed for cleaning
4)Clean watch thoroughly using professional watch cleaning machine
5)Old oil residue is thoroughly removed
6)Dry part 
7)Inspection of all part using a microscope to make sure all parts are perfect
8)In case parts are damage we will either repair and fix it or replace it with new original parts (Price of service does not include the cost of damage parts that need to be changed).
9)Oiling and duplication of part and jewels while assembling the watch
10)Testing the watch and calibration for accuracy and water resistance
11)Replacing rubber seal if rubber seal can't be used. (Price not included if need to change seal)
12) We do provide polishing service if the customer wishes to restore their watch back to a brand new look at additional cost.
13)We provide 6 months warranty for the repaired watch

Price of watch repair service only applicable in our physical store.
For oversea customer we will need to add return shipping charges on top of the repair cost.

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